December Wishes

Welcome December, may all your wishes come true!

The OFSC is working hard to make Holiday Wishes come true for our families, so they can have a healthy, happy holiday season.
Stay posted for further details on our upcoming
December Calendar of Events.


The OFSC Is Thankful For…

It’s Thanksgiving Week! Everyone always asks – What are you thankful for?

Instead of asking you, I thought I would tell you what the OFSC is thankful for.

We are thankful for the following:

Being placed on the West Side of Asbury Park & serving the Greater Asbury Park Community. You are a great, welcoming and caring community.

Constant Collaborations between the OFSC and our Family Members, the OFSC and the other Social Service Agencies and most importantly our Family Members helping other Family Members.

My OFSC Team, who never ceases to amaze me and always has an abundance of great ideas to better serve the Greater Asbury Park Community. They believe in the Family Success Model and want it to work for you. They live our mission to strengthen and empower.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones.


Socrates’ Triple Filter Test

This Socrates’ Triple Filter Test video can help you,
the OFSC's Greater Asbury Park Community! 

GOSSIP AND FAKE NEWS makes it hard to decipher what's true and what's not in life and causes challenges in our relationships in work and with loved ones.  The Triple Filter Test helps the mind think logically to sort out what needs to get done in your life. 

The OFSC can help you develop your own personal
action plan for a successful life.
Come by and visit.

Please do share, follow the link:

There’s also an unexpected surprise at the end! Hope you like it.



Come visit the Oceans Family Success Center

at the Neptune/McDonalds Trunk or Treat

on 10/29/17 from 2-4.

We’d love to see you in your costumes!!