Back-To-School Tip #2

Back -To-School Tip #2:  Attend back-to-school events early to get a jump on school supplies and learn what community resources are available to you & your children. Have some fun.  The OFSC can offer you concrete support when needed.  Please visit us at the two back-to-school events below.  We look forward to seeing you.




Don’t panic you have three weeks left. Asbury Park & Neptune Schools starts Thursday, 09/07/17.  RELAX but start preparing.  Let the Oceans FSC help  We want our children to have strong social and emotional confidence.  Check our FB page in the future for back-to-school tips.

The First Tip Is


Learning they are loved comes before anything else.

Pinwheels for Prevention


How have you helped children in your life have a great childhood?

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and throughout April, we celebrate the lives of children we touch and those who have touched ours by honoring them with a pinwheel.

A pinwheel is the national symbol for the great childhoods all children deserve.  The pinwheel connotes whimsy and childlike notions.  It has come to serve as the physical reminder of the great childhoods we want for all children because our children are our future.

Hello Greater Asbury Park Community.
Join us tonight to learn about current Immigration Issues and Laws.
Learn your legal rights and be safe.
Tonight from 5:30-7:30.
If you can’t make it in person, just like the page of “Andres Mejer Law”
and see it on Facebook Live.
Hope this informational evening answers your immigration questions.